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Aawaz – A Podcast

Hey folks, This is not a blog. I have started with my podcast now streaming on anchor, Spotify, Google podcasts, Apple podcasts and similar podcasting applications. The recording is in Urdu and Hindi for native listeners interested in listening to incredibly famous poems relevant in the mordern times. I am sharing with you the link… Continue reading Aawaz – A Podcast

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Digging forgotten dreams and promises!

Remember when you used to put your arms in your shirt and told everyone that you have no arms, you would sleep with all your stuffed toys so none of them got offended and how you would watch the raindrops on your car window and pretend they were having a race. Remember when we were… Continue reading Digging forgotten dreams and promises!

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Bringing to you a poem which encompasses a lifetime of love, tenderness and proclivity! Her hands have had the brawn to raise the mènage virtuous,To embrace your whimpers and expunge the tears impervious.Each day in prayer they have coalesced,Your exigencies invariably, have ascertained them abreast. Her vision may be hazy but has captured a lot,Those… Continue reading THE LAST ADIEU

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For Your Journeys must Go On!

'The memories of few places never leave your bones,Like salt in the sea, they become a part of you,And you carry them' I share to you a story; a story comprised of different characters, different experiences, different battles, different sides for each of us, yet so similar at the plot; yet so identical at the… Continue reading For Your Journeys must Go On!