Sometimes, life becomes so complex that we expect at least the lines of a poem to stay simple.

There are stars on the ceiling in my room.

Nights which haven’t been tiring

And sleep is a few yards away

Are when I lie down to look up at them.

Then I am no longer in my room

Instead under an extensive, starry sky

Under me a soft quilt of grass

With dew lingering in the air above

I connect the stars

As a child connects dots

In grade 2’s math assignment

I connect each to everyone I know

Everyone I love

Everyone I met

Those too who left

Those who I left

And the ones whom I will never meet.

Life is easy this way

With a few elephants, lions, cats, demons, angels,

All made from connecting dots

And spun into a child’s picture book

I once owned

And laughed at

Till the story became mine

Written on the sky

I wake up to my dad switching the lights off

And leaving the room.

In the dark

The green stars in my room glow

I want to be the one people look up to.

and a desire to touch the dots



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