Meet Me When

Meet me when you are up to brim with too many whys and unresponsive echoes

Meet me when you have seen a few lonely dawns and lost dusks

Meet me when you know change changes nothing

Meet me when you have found enough dreams disappearing in dust

Meet me when the colour of sky is shades of love

Meet me when your cries have become softer

Meet me when your body is comfortable in a tee for occasions

Meet me when your conversations are abounding long pauses and sighs

Meet me when life has taken away your most cherished people

Meet me when you stop borrowing smiles

Meet me when the change of seasons is an illusory anticipation

Meet me when the silence of the wind is an enchanting absence

Meet me when your wounds have healed, and the scars have stayed

Meet me when you have painted your tears into constellations on your pillows

Meet me when cocktails taste better within your lit up comfortable place

Meet me when you are no more irritated by baby rattles

Meet me when your city seems desolate

Meet me when highways lead nowhere

Meet me in the middle of your story, when the soul is worn but wise

Meet me when the moon is sleeping, and the sun is yet to rise

Meet me in the fall of drizzle, at the sidewalk, for just a stroll down the lane

Meet me to share your story, so I can sketch us down again.


A flash of something new

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