Bona fide

Do you know the bona fide me?

Bona fide : Genuine

A wind in love with leaf

A tempest of juvenile apprehensions

A flicker of hearty laughter

A faรงade of perfection

A masquerade of confidence

A vehement cascade of unforeseen possibilities

A courier of hope to the darkest corners

A dweller of those corners at midnight

A bundle of sighs

A scintilla of glistening eyes

A string of desperate forevers

A hand to knuckle that string taut

A scissor which nicks it off

A tear drop on the fragmented end

A craving for better tomorrows

A leech to the gone yesterdays

A remnant of abandoned shadows

A dance in the barren room

A song in seclusion

A painting destitute of admiration

A hyperbole of thoughts

A plethora of strangled promises

A petrichor to drizzled joy

A silence of indecision

A home to unknown languages

A flower of the tide

A dusty heap

A little piece of jewellery everyone recognises

A rusted metal thereafter

A chaos of resounding symphonies

A reverberation of unknown vocals

A story of betrayal

A telltale of love

A scar from fire

A medicine to the wound

A myriad of periodic oscillations

A  sine wave of moods

A drifting impulsiveness

A fantasised order

A rose which pricks

A lotus which muddily breeds

A plantlet enclosed in a bottle

A welcome song at winter

A gust of summer

A wither at fall

A wholesome scotch mist

A loud loud noise

A sober sober whisper

A solitary voice

A borrowed smile

A tear unshed

A fatigued vision

A pristine dream

A rise

A fall

A walk in between

A wind no longer in love with the leaf

Do you still know the bona fide me?

No, you donโ€™t.


16 thoughts on “Bona fide”

    1. So glad this could speak to you, Amorina! Always appreciate your kind support and comments on my pages! ๐Ÿ’œ


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