The Mention

Can a few things be for you? And can few things not?

What be the difference between a rose and lotus? One grows in mud and smiles still. One laughs in fertility to pinch your fingers.

Do you know how to make peace with what you don’t have vs what you do? Do you not? Are you still learning? Or probably unlearning? Can a few things be meant for you and few things not?

Can you control through what you can’t manage to keep away from? A smile you wish you had, a person you wish you had, a pat you wish you had, a family you wish you had, a dream you wish you had and you don’t! But do they exist in a parallel world? Do you believe in a parallel world? A dimension you haven’t seen your life from, does that exist? Do we migrate there after the end? If not, then what happens to what we sow and never reap? If yes, then would you like to go there?

Can someone be not meant to look beautiful? Can someone be not meant to work hard? Can someone be not meant to enjoy love? Can someone be not meant to experience hurt? If not, then why do a few have low self esteem? If yes, then why do you judge them?

Can someone smile without a reason? Can someone laugh above hurt? Can someone sing without a tune? Can someone pray without the idol? Can someone swing alone? If not, then why is kindness a word? If yes, then why do you tag them ‘hypocrites’ or ‘the-ones-who-aren’t-hurt’?

Do you believe in individuality? Do you believe what you have is not what anyone else does? Do you know what love means to you doesn’t mean the same for the child selling a balloon down the lane? Do you hear what you say? Do you realise it isn’t heard the same way? If not, then why are you unique? If yes, then why do you question choices?

Does the universe pen down what you have asked from it? Does it remember what you didn’t? If not, then why do you dream? If yes, won’t you beleive it? ;))



Image credits :- ©Real&Raw

74 thoughts on “The Mention”

  1. What an fantastic post! Its taken me a long time to positively deal with things that were not meant for me in this life and enjoy the gifts I do have. Im just stumbling upon parallel universes so Im not sure yet 🙂

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  2. Ordinary girl with extraordinary artistry..that’s the only expression I could think of!. Keep achieving pinnacles dear, you deserve all of them!!❤

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    1. Oh, I will surely post very soon.
      Just a busy schedule from the past 2-3 months.
      I will be posting the next blog next week. 🌸


  3. Thought-provoking questions! I am curious what you mean by parallel worlds. I do definitely believe and know there is a physical world and a spiritual world and there are vast quantities of parallels between them. Is it that kind of thing that you mean?

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    1. Could be any of those to be honest. Or a dimension where all your unfulfilled dreams come true. Endless in possibilities, go where your imagination takes you and make that world a parallel one. 😉


    2. It also sounds like what you are describing is similar to the realm of faith. When the Holy Spirit breathes on my imagination, living hope is born, with pictures of the beautiful things He has planned for the future and fulfilled dreams and desires 🙂

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