Celestial, Consciousness

To the ones who wish upon the Stars

To you, with love.

Dear admirer
I am certain you know me. You and I have been associates for longer than the length of time. And lately, we have been quite a good bunch of companions too.

Your company has been comforting, I must admit. I love the way you sing me to sleep; your voice, though teared up at alternative seconds shall always remain as one of the most melodious voices amidst the stellars. The fireballs embedded in my blanket love to dance at your beats.

Your secrets are well safeguarded, enclosed in pockets made up of stars and tucked in each galaxy which knows your name.
I have in place, the childhood dreams you threw here and there in my skies; they remember their owner still, whispering your name in my ears ever so often.

Your loved ones lie gaurded and sheltered in my lap. They love to watch the way you mess up the house, the way you stumble at times, the way you still pretend to steal the last icecream scoop from the fridge, the way you taste it with a lump in throat and a diamond drop at your plim, the way you hug and kiss their frames, and the way you look up and smile. They smile too, ocassionally caressing your face with a warm breeze through the window beside your bed & a promise that they will see you on the other side of the stars – someday – very soon!

And if you come to me with a face I have not seen, with a voice I have not heard, I would still know you. Even if centuries separated us, I would still feel you. Somewhere between the sand and stardust, there is a pulse that echoes of you and I.

Lang Leav (Memories)

I make sure to send the silent wishes and prayers and apologies and smiles you can’t – to the ones whom you love across the seas and beyond the realms. They remember you still, are but unavailable and wish you luck for your next chapters.
I have examined your complaints, packaged bits of karma and left it at the doorsteps of all who have harmed you. They stay liberated of the offence, and so do you.

Your crystal-tears I have collected in my lakes and oceans of stardust not before labelling each with a crater from your favourite sublime of love – my moon. She loves to hear about your tales of enchantment and raptures not before sacrificing a part of herself each day as a reminiscence of the co-protagonist of your incomplete saga; and when you behold the full orb at night, I herald you a promise to the tranquil gift of love written in the heavens above.
You wish upon my jewels, each time I disclaim one for it is ripe and when it’s time to trace the trail of your skies. Your wishes do reach me via a chord which you can’t decipher. But you must know, love, I am bound to deliver to you what you deserve. Not one bit less, nor a bit more. But so will I, each time you believe in yourself and entrust in me your hopes, wishes, desires & dreams.

Intermittently, you solicit flawlessness, but darling, I never allowed what you term “perfection”. Behold! Dear love, gaze through my eyes, you become beyond “perfect”! I made you a magnificent amalgamation of stars and dust, of flaws and talents, of love and pain, of smiles and tears, of beauty and vulnerability, of all what you term – “Universe”. Therefore, you – my squeaky little counterpart, are exquisitely complete.
Everytime you seek joy & bliss, I place a few bundles of light beneath your pillow so could catch your reveries. I slither out those back before you rouse – for the trinkets and feathers are yet to be augmented before your wishes come true.

I know you get tired of fighting for those whom you want to fly for, with those standing on your cape, of chasing life, of enkindling and de-igniting flickers of hope, of standing alone in the middle of a crowd. Hold on, love! Because there will be days when you open your palms to catch flowers but only end up with blisters and bruises. When you stick out your tongue to taste sugar and salt shall trace your taste-buds. And these are the very days, you will find the strength I have hidden in a vault of your heart chambers. How do you even cherish the joys of treasure shall no impediment block your way?

Don’t you ever feel alone, love. Know that I am embedded in every word you say, every action you perform, every person you meet and every path you take. Behind you, beside you, ahead of you, in you, I reside. I am never blind to your pain. I hear you and I will deliver you. Go on love, catch your dreams, speak your prayers, spread your warmth. Yes, this world is sugar and salt, but never be afraid of tasting it.

When your heart knows what it needs, and your legs are shaking and your hands can’t muster the strength to fetch it out, believe that It’s Already Yours to take. Don’t lament your past version – there is always a reason the pupa transforms into monarch. Your nectar is waiting, love. It’s time to move on. But when you don’t receive your rewards, I shall send you stars to catch and rain to wipe out agony. I shall smile through your visions and recount you stories of my mini planets which never became planets but never stopped shining and sparkling. Afterall, there is nothing more beautiful than how the ocean refuses to kiss the shoreline.

For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen : a gaseous nebula must collapse. So collapse. Crumble. This is not your destruction. This is your birth.

Never stop trying, sweetheart. All things done with love bear fruits. But when they finally hand you heartache, and they slip pain and hatred under your door and offer you handouts on street corners of cynicism and defeat, know that it’s my turn to play out the cards.

“Trust me, love. I know what I am doing.”

Always yours
The Universe


Each night, the moon kisses secretly the lover who counts the stars.

~ Rumi ~
Images from :- Pexels.com

70 thoughts on “To the ones who wish upon the Stars”

  1. Woww..! This is fantastic dear..! I truly loved it..! It’s awesome..! Such a Amazing words you have used here..! Very wonderfully written my dear..! Keep shinning..!๐Ÿ˜Š

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  2. I visited your site. I stop & read your blog. I am so happy ! & inspired! Exelent words use written you. Amazing Sentences to wrote you. Interesting. I like it & enjoy itโ€™s.

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  3. Beautiful piece of prose. The universe as a mother watching over us is a lovely thought. When I was a child I used to look at the stars and think of them as loved ones who had passed over and watching over me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you @writerravenclaw. I agree to your imagery of the universe as our mother. She is very kind and giving. And the stars as our loved ones is what I believe in as well. Like stories over generations, this universe is a beauty to have!

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