Contemplation, Hope, Inner Help


“Hope” is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words. And never stops at all.
~Emily Dickinson~

Have you seen dreams?
And have you seen a one or two break?
Tell me, How deep was the ache?
Did it bleed? Did it hurt?
Tell me, how profound was the cut?
Could you hear the Clang&Chime of your heart?
Didn’t you try asking dandelions?
Did you question the stars?
Tell me, Did you cry? Did you scream?
Did you quit? Did you stay?
Or, you said instead “It might have been”?
What did it cost you?
Time? Money? Health? Smiles? You?
The ones you loved? Or, the ones who loved?
How bad did it knock you down?
Could you fix it?
Could you lug or did you drown?
Did you heal? Did you take time?
Or, you accustomed to the paradigm?
Tell me, were you brave?
Did you stare loss at the face?
Did you dream again with that broke core?
And did you wake up this time?
Tell me,
Is your life still a language of those whispering broken dreams?

Of throbs and twinges of those which caved in,
Of platters and ashtrays of the ones which cindered,
Or embers still shining brighter?

Of abandonment in
anticipating an affair better,
Of subdued sighs at nocturnal,
Or will-o’-the-wisps
for the pie-in-the-sky
still beating down your chest?

Of longing to destinations your eyes never beheld,
Of extenuations you claimed were primacies,
Or honey beneath the fauces, still in an attempt to make way?

~and if~
You could ask your “director”,
to play the “drama” again,
to let you rewrite your “story”,
to let you choose “artistes” by own,
to call back one or two,
to add one smile, to omit one tear,
to forget a moment, to relive a few,

Would you?


For a broken dream, the cure is, to Dream Again & Deeper.

~ C.S Lewis ~

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