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Where there is love, there is detest.
Where there is acceptance, there is rejection.
Where there is life, there is death.
Ballads of love are sung with the tones of hope and pitch of love. However, death and decay aren’t the chosen stories which have yet reached the pedestal of eminence in our hearts. Where life & esse continues to be the best-loved genre of poets and sonneteers, establishments of ruination & obliteration have always garnered condolences, grievance and empathy from appreciators. My quest is to substantiate the pillar of death alike the songs of life and hope are sung. Here’s an attempt to glorify the two sides of life & the magnificently feeble fringe of nature.

Death is not extinguishing the light;
It is only putting out the lamp because the dawn has come.
– Rabindranath Tagore

Like petals of a flower, life shall spring at nature’s benign touch.
But wither away at the scintillas of a slightest surly gust.

Like will-o’-the wisps of benevolence, shall life breeze-free by the empyrean from the hearth of forests.
And slip away through the tiny light gaps that the canopies at daybreak embellish.

Like trickles of frost augmenting the orb-lashes, life will drizzle as a blessing in disguise.
And quietus of a beloved will thaw the permafrost, Or shall it slink through your eyes?

Like brine of the ocean, life shall frolic peek-a-boo around your feet.
Yet eventually engulf the homesteads in a deluging silence & tardily retreat.

Like a kid desiderating the joy of playthings, life will urge you to yearn for petrichor on days of sunshine.
But in melancholy somedays, may drown you in pours straight from heaven & joy be confined.

Like hymns of hope, life will whisper mellow tunes in your heart in times of hesitation,
Yet cause cacophonies when rainbows leave your home in abandoned desertation.

Like patterns from a montage kaleidoscope, life shall project prismatic hues of glee.
But through the spaces of a broken glass window in moments shall it flee.

Like pearls sojourn oysters, life shall give through the gaps of your fingers.
And then, embed itself amid those creases in the veil of wrinkles.

Like etheral cherry-blossom, the energy of spring into home shall life invite.
And abandon the abundance to render a transient, fleeting vigour of the “hanami” fore-sight.

Nature is Fragile. Life is Fragile.


Life and death have been in love for longer than we have words to describe. Life sends countless gifts to death and death keeps them forever.

88 thoughts on “Fragile”

    1. I am glad I could weave a few sentences for life! It’s dimension ranges beyond the understanding of human mind, let alone be captured in a poem! I am pleased it resonated with you! 🌸

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    2. What! can’t believe you are a teenager! Such amazing and mature thoughts! I have just stepped into my teenage(I’m 13) and ur blog has inspired me a lot. Thank you dishita!

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Lovely pictures and sentiments, Dishita! Thank you for visiting The Write Edge! I hope you find the posts interesting and informative. All the best to you on your writing journey!

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  2. For reasons irrationally rational am guided toward a thought or two about custard, it’s a livstid comfort both actually delicious, to me at least, and brutally elegant in its defiance of newtonian laws.

    Have you checked in with the Snow Cone Diaries?

    Well worth a peek, a chance for an out of the corner of the eye encounter with….. life….. as we could really k(no)w ‘it’ what ever form or formlessness ‘it’ takes.

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Hey @MiddleoftheHeart,
      I think you got confused between “Fragile” and “Somedays” posts. This comment should be more suitable for the previous one I guess! 😄
      But thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! Custards are my personal favourite! Love them too!

      I will surely check out the website you recommended in a couple of days!
      Have a great week ahead!

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    2. ah, too much custard, perhaps… but then can one have too much custard?

      btw it’s great to follow you, although I admit to being a on lazy mood too, again too much custard lol.

      be well and stay well

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  3. Honestly I do not know how to express what you made me feel. How it is possible you understand the duality of life as you write thusly and only being a teen is beyond me. It took me decades to understand and accept the duality of life, especially death, yet here you are writing as though you are a wise woman. I’m so impressed, Dishita. I knew I was following you for a reason. Wow you make quite the powerful writer!!! You are absolutely amazing. BRAVA!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I am humbled by your words Amy! Thank you for your kind words! Life always comes to us when the time is right and that’s its beauty!
      Thanks very much again! ❤️❤️

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