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Aawaz – A Podcast

Hey folks,

This is not a blog. I have started with my podcast now streaming on anchor, Spotify, Google podcasts, Apple podcasts and similar podcasting applications.

The recording is in Urdu and Hindi for native listeners interested in listening to incredibly famous poems relevant in the mordern times.

I am sharing with you the link to the recent episode. Do save few minutes and listen to it. I promise you won’t regret using your time!

Aawaz – A PodCast

Here you go! Happy listening! πŸ’œ

63 thoughts on “Aawaz – A Podcast”

  1. All the best! I started a podcast using Anchor too. I should say, though I am not adding to it every day, it has given me a good understanding of my voice modulations, voice quality and how the content I write sounds like. I hope it’s a learning and an enjoyable experience for you too. πŸ™‚

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  2. Omg,Your voice is just so soothing,it sounds like 🍁 dipping in 🍯. I’m so glad I was able to find you from these many authors and speakers in the world. Loved it bruh. Love. P.

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  3. Nice to know that. Good luck dishita.
    I’m also started anchor podcast in Telugu language..
    Enjoy podcasting and keep rocking.
    You can also share your podcastings on your blog.

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