Dear 2020,

Page 366 of 366. Are you ready to close this book?

To have been alive in 2020 is quite special!

Dear 2020,

So, here comes the time to bid you a goodbye. But prior to that, come let’s walk down the 365-day journey and evince how has it been!

Well, Before you leave 2020, permit us to manifest the ruinous remains of human bodies you left in the infirmaries who have surrendered to the futile efforts of helpless medical men. Also, let us tell you how miserable you made us feel, let us ascertain the no. of hearts which broke during your rule. We need to describe the ache which roots out of the separation and severance from our beloveds you took away.

Oh, before you leave, 2020 we need to take you to the starving citizens of our countries who lost their living amid your reign. We need to inform you about the statistics of suicides and murders committed in the name of depression and anxiety.

Also Dear 2020, don’t you leave before comprehending the economic condition you left us in, the essential human touch you snatched from us, the negligence to converse with people, the ashes of storms, and the disasters you left.

But Dear 2020, don’t you leave yet cause there is more to be apprised.
You see, you took away a lot substantially, but you left all the more on the abstract grounds.

So here’s to you!
Thank you 2020, to strengthen us, both immunologically and emotionally, to educate us about ourselves, to preach that the creator is always more powerful than the creation, to demonstrate the wrath of nature and inhabit the healing process in each living organism.
Thank you, to ring in us hope, optimism, an urge for justice, ambition, patience and love. Thank you to elucidate the importance of the human touch we took foregranted.

Thank you to habitualise prayers and teach how to count our blessings each day, to drive us away from the world and bring us closer to ourselves, to live in the moment, to face failures and plan clashes, to accept change, to switch methodologies, to teach love.

Dear 2020, thank you for being tough!

If you and your loved ones made it alive and healthy, take this moment to thank the universe for being kind, for you are a lucky one!

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