Be kind anyways! ;)

Ah, kindness. What a simple way to tell another soul that there is love to be found in the world!

These are few words I came across long back which have stuck with me since then. Today, when I gaze at the life ahead of me, this is what comes back to my mind time and time again!

I can read people and there are three types of people that I have met so far.

People, when they see you facing adversity or trauma in life, these people leave. They don’t claim to be yours. They don’t even claim to be your support system. They just walk away. I respect them. I respect them for being truthful.

Number two. I call these people opportunists. They try to tag along with you. These people are so weak that they just try to remain in your shadow because they know your strength. These people in front of the world claim that they are yours, but deep inside they all know that they are not your people. Pray for these people and liberate yourself by setting them free because these people are toxic. They will always try to comeback in your life to get their share from your success. I REPEAT, liberate yourself by setting them free, and when you do so remember, when wrong people leave, right things start to happen.

And then there is this third category that I have seen. People who don’t claim that they are your people. People who don’t even need to share the limelight that you have. But you will always find these people standing next to you, always there with you, for you without saying a single word. People whose hearts are full of unconditional love for you. These are your people. These are the people that you should truly value in your life. I am blessed to have these beautiful unsung heroes in my life who have never left me.

We live in a world where you will be questioned for being nice. We live in a world where you will be questioned for being kind but they will never judge you or question you for being cruel. Just an advice to you dear readers, DON’T let these people teach you to hate.
Be kind anyways!💚

No act of kindness no matter how small, is ever wasted!🦋

– Aesop

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