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For Your Journeys must Go On!

‘The memories of few places never leave your bones,

Like salt in the sea, they become a part of you,

And you carry them’

I AM all the places in which I have left my HE♡RT

While traveling on the banked road of your life, enamored with rocks as jewels and thorns as lilies, you come across a place which seems more homely than your anticipation and as welcoming as the fragrance which retraces back to your roots.

Enchanted by this aroma in the air surrounding the place, you knock at the door and are let in by a yet more homely and welcoming person. You enter the place following the person till it’s inner corridors, the ‘heart’ of the site, knowing that very soon you have to leave for your journey needs to be resumed; knowing that this, being the first meet with this homely-host is also the last one; knowing that this aroma in the air will never be felt by you again.

Nevertheless, you decide to wait, stop the hustle of the outside world echoing in your ears, for once listen to your heart, and stay, stay till the time permits, stay till the clock doesn’t tick louder, and you STAY.

You stay for few hours, sitting and conversing with your host, revealing all your secrets and be exposed to some of his, you stay exchanging ideas and perceptions, you stay making very few but treasured memories, you stay in those inner corridors trading conversations full of smiles and laughter and joy and love and promises and tears and pain and stories and moments.

And now the clock has ticked, your stay has its warning bell rung, it’s TIME TO LEAVE for the journey must go on. You and your host, both know that this is the end to your meet and that you ought to leave, still there is a silence, a silence which cannot be expressed.

Realising the severity of this situation, you get up, you walk through the inner corridors of the place, back to the door you entered from, open it, and see the world out side, but you observe a different world, a new one, a world full of freshness, a world full of love, a world with joy around, the skies seem happier, the birds chirrrup merrier, the thorns are easy to step on, the rocks are lighter to be shifted.

This is not the same world you stepped into the place from, this is a world you are stepping in from the place. A new sky, a new earth, a new path this place has gifted you.
Now it’s time to step in this new world, you put your leg forward and something holds it, it pulls you back.

This voice in your heart has something to whisper ‘wait, you have left something here’. You wonder what, then turn back and down there, spot your own reflection in your host standing, waving a goodbye and smiling wider at you. And now you know the source of this newly gifted world, a newly gifted perception, also, you know what you had left, you had left an imprint of your own soul on that of your host, but the good part is the realisation that you hadn’t just left, but exchanged it. But you let him keep yours and you keep his.

Again you turn towards the door yet more enlightened, and try to step out ~ and wait, something holds you back, yet again.
This time the whisper is louder…” You can’t leave this quick, you don’t want to leave this quick…”

You are puzzled now. In a bid to unravel your curiosity again, you turn back gazing at your homey host who is still wearing the same wide smile and waving his hands at you.
And suddenly you have deciphered this mystery. You run back until the depth of those inner corridors of the place, to where your host is standing, reach out your hands and hug him tight, you whisper in his ears… ” Thank you and welcome to my soul! “

After this good-bye, you proceed towards the door, out, through those inner corridors you once made your way into
Now you have reached the door. and for one last time you look back at your dear host, having a glimpse of how the edges of his wide smile are now decorated with tears, you know that you both might never meet again. Knowing that aroma of this place will never be felt by you again. Knowing but also these moments have become memories and have been transferred to the hidden vaults of your heart.

But for you must leave, because all this has to be refelt, relived, rediscovered by one such wanderer like you yet again, and times again.
For you must leave, as the exchanges of imprints must never stop.
For you must leave, as vacancies generates the hope of occupancies.
For you must leave, beacuse many such hosts are waiting for you.

And YOU DO LEAVE, wandering off to your newly gifted world, on yet another journey to a new place, to follow another aroma and homey welcome, to share another story, another memory, another joy, another love, with a yet another host For Your Journeys Must Go On!


May every day of your journey be a cliffhanger and your places be the setting of your plot. When things turn against, may you sum up strength to yell 'plot twist' and move on.

40 thoughts on “For Your Journeys must Go On!”

  1. Something however simple they are
    Become so difficult for adults to practice
    Somehow there is a need to remind with stories like you are doing!

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    1. I have written similar posts 4 years back on my other blog, so I know.

      Good topics and refreshing.
      Keep writing and let your thoughts flow as long as they come.

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  2. Nice one Dishita, I’d got stuck with writing and it’s because I’d forgotten about the inner, outer dialogue with self and characterd and then with the reader too. You showed me how – big thank you for you 😊

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words! I am very glad this post resonated with you! Inner dialogues are definitely as necessary as the outer ones! 🌸❤️

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  3. मेरी नजर में तो सब व्यर्थ है। शरीर के साथ मन हर चीज को ग्रहण करता है खुद में भावना लानी चाहिए शिवोहम वर्तमान में जियो खुश रहो हमेशा

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